Chengdu Sanxia Technology Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Sanxia Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: Worldwide
Brands: SANXIA
No. of Employees: 200~220
Annual Sales: 2500000-3000000
Year Established: 2013
Export p.c: 40% - 50%
About Us

Our company specialized in uniforms manufacturing, research and design since 2013, we are the lead company of safety uniforms in food industry, pharmacy industry, medical and healthcare industry in China.

1. Food industry - After 9 years of research, with our self-developed products, we are proud to be the most famous and professional manufacturing company of food industry in China, our food processing uniforms not only be widely used in food company in China but also are popular in overseas market, such as Japanese, America, Europe.

2. Pharmacy industry - In order to change the non-standard status of this product in China, through 9 years of hard work, our products have became the leader in the industy, cooperated with numerous pharmaceutical and electronics companies, and provided professional matching programs.

3. Medical and healthcare industry - We have cooperated with many major medical institution and wholesalers at home and abroad for many years, our product quality and workmanship continue to improve.


The founder of Sanxia, Mu Hong, first discovered the workwear industry in Shenzhen in 2006, and found that there is no uniform standard in the industry, the products are shoddy and there is no professional brand. In order to change the status quo and create an independent brand, after four years of study and experience, in 2010 decided to return to Chengdu to start a business. A clothing factory with a size of more than 20 people was opened with friends. In 2013, "SANXIA" was established. In order to expand production scale and meet market demand, the factory was moved to Henan to upgrade equipment and increase production capacity. In 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Trade was established and received the first Japanese order. The company was officially renamed as “Chengdu Sanxia Technology CO., Ltd.”. Several changes have allowed Sanxia to thrive in difficulties, and now it has become a professional supplier of workwear with world influence! Set research and development, production and sales as one. In May 2018, a new factory was opened in Guangyuan, and Sanxia will continue to inject fresh blood into the workwear industry. Grasp the social changes and make our industry bigger and stronger!


Through our decades of experience and resources, we can provide our customers with the best workwear solutions.

Provide a full range of services from production to transportation.

OEM and ODM service are available.

You can contact our customer staff or leave a message to get more information

Our Team

Sales and after-sales personnel have more than 3 years of work experience.

Production management personnel have 10 years of experience in the apparel industry.

Our team is professional, patient and friendly, and we guarantee that every order from our customers will be completed smoothly.

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